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Candelaria/Las Caletillas

Playa Las Caletillas

Las Caletillas means “the little coves” in Spanish and the beach is named after the small village – which has some little coves on its shoreline. These inlets form the beach – and it’s predominately pebbly, but perfectly adequate for sunbathing. The village caters in a small way for tourism, but is mostly residential. The beach area has no facilities to speak of…and not that many people on it either.

Playa de Punta Larga

A little further south, we come across this long stretch of coastline that is accessible for sunbathing and swimming. This beach is primarily pebbly, but is due for major development of both the beach area and the coastal path that runs along its length.

Playa de La Hornilla

Now we’re in the vicinity of the town of Candelaria itself and this is a tiny inlet with a small expanse of pebbles.

Playa de Oligario

Right next door is a slightly larger expanse of pebbles onto which a lively sea crashes. It is used, in a small way, for sunbathing and swimming. Needless to say, the area has no facilities.

Playa de Candelaria

Along the shore of the town of Candelaria is this long expanse of grey sand. It’s a good spot for sunbathing and may attract a fair number of people. Considering it’s quite a major beach, it doesn’t appear to have any facilities, although I’ve seen people on it using beach umbrellas, so they may be available for hire.

Source: TIC