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Playa de La Lima

This is a minute stretch of grey sand, with quite a lively sea. It’s on the coast of an industrial area and is usually deserted.
Playa de La Viuda

Just next to this is its twin – also a small stretch of grey sand, not commercialised whatsoever.
Playa de Chimisay

At the southern end of this industrial area is the village of El Socorro and here, you’ll find two beaches that merge together. This first one is quite a long stretch of sand – with no people on it.
Playa del Socorro

A continuation of the previous beach, essentially with the same description. This should not be confused with the major beach, Playa El Socorro, in Los Realejos.
Playa del Puerto de Guimar

After passing along a load of rocks, we arrive at the town of Puerto de Guimar and it has a beach, of sorts. Consisting of sand, once again, it is not very commercialised – or heavily populated.

Source: TIC