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La Orotava is the Island’s largest municipality, spanning 207.31 km2 (80.04 sq miles), and has the vastest expanse of forest: Roughly 78% of Teide National Park belongs to La Orotava. The historic quarter stands at an altitude of 390 m (1,280 ft) and was declared a Historic-Artistic Site in 1976. Its streets are sprinkled with buildings full of heritage and some highly significant sights such as the European University of the Canary Islands. The Valley of La Orotava has always stood out for its stunning landscapes crowned by the peak of Mount Teide, and also for its abundance of water, magnificent gardens and pleasant climate. And on top of that, the valley comprises several protected nature areas, such as part of Teide National Park and of Corona Forestal Natural Park, the Pinoleris Nature Reserve and the Protected Landscape of La Resbala.

The typical balconies adorning the façades of its traditional houses are a well-known feature, as are the carpets made of flowers and volcanic sand that are laid every year on the streets of La Orotava during the Corpus Christi celebrations and the traditional Holy Week festivities that have been taking place here since the 17th century.

Source: Tenerife Tourist Board