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With such a small coastline, there are very few beaches in this part of the island – and most are very quiet, with very few facilities. In fact, many require a hike to access.

Playa Rincon

Just outside the environs of Puerto, yet in a different municipality, is this small cove of grey sand. In my research, I’ve not encountered any website mentioning this beach, but you can find it referred to on Google Earth. Due to this relative anonymity, I suspect it’s not worth considering.

Playa Bollullo

Right next to Playa Rincon is this secluded beach frequented usually by locals. It’s not commercialised in any way and can only be accessed by a single track dirt road. It has a beach bar, however, and quite lively waves. Somewhere to go if you want to get totally away from tourist Tenerife. Playa Bollullo is the first of three (or maybe four) coves with small beaches all next to each other.

Playa del Pozo

Next in line, along a rather precarious path, is another small swathe of grey sand. This beach has quite lively waves and tends to be frequented by surfers.

Playa de Los Patos

The third of this trio of small beaches is a well-known nudist beach. Again, the size of the sea makes it ideal for surfing and so you go there if you either want to ride the waves or strip off all your clothes! (Or both.)

Playa Ancon

Yet another beach a bit further on and this is quite an extensive stretch of grey sand. It’s quite secluded and has no amenities to speak of. The sea can be a bit lively, so care is advised while swimming in it. A perfect place if you don’t want to share your sunbathing with loads of other people.

Source: TIC