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Playa Jardin

Literally meaning “garden beach”, this long stretch of grey sand backs onto an extensive cultivated area filled with palm trees and plants. Used by tourists and locals alike, it is the first beach in Puerto and offers stunning views of Mount Teide. The one-kilometre swathe has been recently resurfaced using sand from the sea bed.

Although there is a submerged breakwater to exert a calming effect on the water, there is also an area set aside for surfers, where the sea is agreeably lively. This Blue Flag beach features sunloungers and umbrellas.
Playa de Martianez

Just around the promontary that houses the water park Lago de Martianez, is Puerto’s other beach. It can often be overlooked because of Playa Jardin and is, consequently, never too crowded. It has terrific views of both the ocean and the mountains and has an area that is good for surfing. This beach is currently being renovated and improved and features, amongst other things, a nice beach bar.

Source: TIC