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Archaeology Museum

Set inside a 19th century Canarian mansion in the fishing district of La Ranilla, the Archaeology Museum contains a vast collection of aborigine pottery and mummified remains. There is also a considerable collection of 17th century maps and themed exhibitions relating to different historical and cultural aspects of the Canary Islands.


Casa de la Real Aduana

Founded in 1620, this house – the former customs office– is one of the city’s most characteristic buildings. Beside it was the battery of Santa Bárbara, though only the old staircase remains, and the traditional fishing dock. The building of Casa de la Real Aduana now houses the Tourist Information Office.


Plaza de Europa

This vast square is shaped like a fortress with balconies, which, together with the six 18th and 19th century cannons standing by the stockade, creates an altogether majestic air. This square next to the sea dating from 1992 is where the City Hall of Puerto de la Cruz stands, bearing the city’s coat of arms proudly on the façade.


Plaza del Charco

This square has always been one of the municipality’s most popular spots. It is called the “Puddle Square” because of the large puddle of seawater that used to form in the middle of it. Although it has been revamped in recent years, it still has a fountain with a taro tree, Indian laurels and some impressive palm trees.


The chapel and promenade of San Telmo

This chapel was founded in 1780 and it is located next to the sea on the promenade of San Telmo. Devoted to the patron saint of sailors, it houses a figure of the Dominican father San Pedro González Telmo dating from the late 18th century.


The Church of Nuestra Señora de La Peña de Francia

This church was erected in 1684 over an old chapel, but the steeple was added in 1898. It contains a figure of Nuestra Señora de la Peña de Francia, another of El Señor del Gran Poder de Dios from the 18th century, and several paintings by Luis de la Cruz y Ríos and Manuel de la Cruz.


The Church of San Francisco

Built in 1599, this church is considered to be the city’s oldest building. Its ecumenical character has led it to be used by several foreign communities of the Christian faith. Inside, the church houses extremely valuable artwork belonging to a variety of styles ranging from the 15th century to the present.


The Sacred Art Parish Museum

The museum belongs to the parish of Nuestra Señora de la Peña de Francia and reveals the history, cult and devotions linked to Puerto de la Cruz’s mother church ever since it was founded as a simple chapel in the early 17th century. It displays a wonderful array of altarpieces, sculptures, ornaments, paintings and silver work.

Source: Tenerife Tourist Board