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Playa Diego Fernandez

Approaching La Caleta, there is this beautiful swathe of white, volcanic sand, with calm waters ideal for swimming. It doesn’t get too crowded.

Playa La Enramada

Next along is this beach of grey, volcanic sand, recently renovated and not crowded at all. At the moment it has no facilities.

Playa La Caleta

Just a bit further on is this small, rocky beach that never gets very crowded. The sea off its shore is usually quite lively, so not the best place to take children. There is also a nudist area.

El Puertito

Further up the Adeje coast is this tiny village with a small inlet that has a little stretch of sand. Totally unspoilt, it is more representative of Tenerife before the tourists arrived.

Playa Paraiso

“Beach paradise” is the translation of this place, next along the coast. The town is a small tourist area and features a cove, rather than a beach, so the name is a bit of a misnomer. There has, however, been a new beach installed, a few palm trees planted and some sunloungers scattered around.

Playa de Callao Salvaje

Right at the northenmost boundary of Adeje is this small village, featuring an equally small beach. It consists of dark sand and rocks, completely non-tourist and, therefore, pretty much deserted most of the time.

Source: TIC