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Playa de las Américas

Island Phobia Escape Room

Escape rooms are interactive games which you can come across in real life.

Locked up in a room with a group of 2-4 people, you’ve got 60 minutes to fight through a maze of puzzles and mysteries to open the final exit door.


Three Games

Bank Robbery : Take away their gold and money.
Come in, take all the money and get out before the police arrive! You have only sixty minutes!

Freddy Kruger is Back : Terribly realistic (16+ years only)
You have only one hour to get out otherwise Freddy will come for you!

The Hobbit : Find the ring and save the Hobbits
Mysterious secrets and puzzles are waiting for you inside the Hobbit’s house!

Group sizes : 2-4
Duration : 60 minutes