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Playa de las Américas

Tenerife Road Bike Tours

Our road bike tours will offer you the chance to discover some of the most popular routes in Tenerife, including those used by world famous professional teams and individuals. 

You have a choice between intermediate or advance level tours, so all you have to do is just choose the one that suits you best.  Our advance level tours will push you to the limit, whilst the intermediate level is  taken at a more relaxed pace,  giving you the time to take in some of the breath-taking surroundings and scenary that Tenerife has to offer.  Be prepared to take your mind and body on a journey that we hope you will never forget!

You will have during your journey at least one tour guide who is friendly, knowledgeable and enthusiastic,  plus the added backup of a professional mechanic and tour vehicle.  And if that is not enough our tours end with a typically well earned Canarian lunch.  What more could you ask for!